MAC Relocations General Terms & Conditions

  1. Our figures are based on the prior de-installation of all wall-mounted items, furniture that requires dismantling for moving purposes, (i.e. L Shape Desks, U Shape Desks, Workstations, Benching units, etc.). These items must be dismantled before our arrival or prior arrangements made where these items are included within our scope of work.
  2. Our figures are based upon exclusive use all access points including parking lot, hallways, pathways, docks, doors, elevator(s) or freight elevator(s) at each location. If we incur delays, it could require additional labor time that is not included in our figures.
  3. Our figures are based upon each location being free and clear of all other contractors and/or debris. MAC Relocations cannot be held responsible for damages to an area or its contents unless MAC Relocations has sole access to the area. Should use of the areas listed above become restricted, delay times will be billed accordingly.
  4. Our figures are based upon the customer being organized and prepared for the move prior to the arrival of our moving crew. All items that are moving must be labeled with the correct destination location for proper placement at the new location. All customer debris and their contractor’s debris must be removed prior to the beginning of the move and the new location must be free and clear of all unwanted items and in move-in condition. If we incur delays because the space is not ready, additional labor time to perform the move may be incurred.
  5. MAC Relocations assumes all goods will fit into place without door removal, alterations, disassembly or special equipment; and assumes a onetime placement of items in finished rooms. Any rearranging or changes will result in additional labor charges.
  6. Furniture layout diagrams must be furnished for all designated locations where furniture is to be placed. These diagrams must also provide our carpenters with the proper information to re-install all required items. If there are electrical, data cabling, air lines, gas lines or water lines within the furniture, the client is required to contract this work out separately.
  7. The leveling of all furniture is based on a standard level floor. If additional shimming or leveling is required, we may have to add additional labor time that is not included in our figures.
  8. All electronic equipment and/or leased items, which may include copiers, printers, plotters, ice machines, refrigerators, coffee makers, and office furniture, must be identified and serviced by the proper vendors prior to the relocation. Failure to properly prepare these items may result in nullification of any potential claim if damage occurs during the moving process.
  9. MAC Relocations will not assume liability for damage to pressed wood, particle board, granite and/or marble furniture. Due to the nature of these products the customer authorizes MAC Relocations to perform the movement to the best of their ability, but the customer will assume all potential damage liability, unless MAC Relocations is negligent.
  10. Rental Crates may be provided on a rental basis with the timeframe specified in the Move Plan. If additional Rental Crates are needed or if the rental period exceeds the rental period specified, additional charges may be incurred. If the Rental Crates are lost or stolen, the Customer is responsible for the replacement cost.
  11. Our figures are based on the State of Illinois moving industry standard insurance coverage of $0.30 per pound. If additional coverage is requested, refer to the Advice of Coverage form for policy premiums. If you are insuring electronic equipment, please note that MAC Relocations will not be liable for internal damage. If there is no external damage caused by moving, the insurance carrier will not cover internal damage or concealed damage; refer to the reverse side of the Bill of Lading for liability definitions.
  12. Factors beyond our control such as weather conditions; traffic delays or detours; construction obstacles; inadequate elevator capacity; elevator delay or breakdown; delivery detours; loading dock operations; and/or placement delays will result in additional charges.
  13. No allowance to disconnect or reconnect any IT equipment, patch or paint, carpet clean or to relocate any millwork, no allowance for removal of electric or low voltage data cabling provided.
  14. Any changes to the scope of work will result in a change in pricing, MAC Relocations to be notified of any date changes three days prior to scheduled services date to avoid any scheduling conflicts and/or unnecessary changes.
  15. Any modifications, adjustments, or additional labor arising from the aforementioned scope of work will necessitate the issuance of a distinct change order document. This document must be signed and approved by the client before any supplementary or out-of-scope work can commence.