Case Studies

Case Studies

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Consumer Credit Reporting Agency

Geographic Market: Schaumburg, Illinois

Industry: Credit Reporting

Budget: $150,000

Duration: 8 Weeks

Services:  Decommissioning

With their lease expiring, a local consumer credit reporting company sought to efficiently decommission the furniture from their workspace, a 163,000 sq ft multi-floor facility in Schaumburg, IL. The primary objective was to execute the decommissioning process within a rigorous 8-week timeframe, adhering to budgetary constraints. The company required a partner who could offer an eco-friendly disposition strategy for all assets, upholding its reputation for sustainable business practices.

The MAC Relocations team developed a plan to meet the company’s decommissioning needs, dismantling furniture and FF&E within the set timeframe. Furniture assets were inventoried, and a disposition strategy was implemented through either resale, recycling, and donation. Usable furniture was resold to a local dealer, specializing in the reuse of pre-owned and refurbished furniture. Items with raw material value, like metal components, were sent to recycling facilities.

The company’s decommissioning project showcased a seamless transition, aligning with operational efficiency and sustainability goals. The 8-week timeline was met, upholding financial parameters.

By adeptly managing the 163,000 sq ft workspace decommissioning, including 675 A02 workstations, 120 Gunlocke private offices, 10 conference rooms, 10 DIRTT collaboration rooms, and 1,800 chairs, MAC Relocations optimized resources and responsibly mitigated the environmental impact. Reaffirming their commitment to responsible practices and operational excellence and enhancing their industry reputation, MAC Relocations displayed capacity for large scale, complex projects.

Retail Business

Geographic Market: Chicago, Illinois

Industry: Retail

Budget: $30,000

Duration: 1 Month

Services: Decommissioning, Installation

When a local retailer decided to move on from the temporary swing space, their first call was to MAC Relocations to facilitate the removal of all furniture and equipment from the space.

The office space was filled with over 100 workstation cubicles, each with a chair , mobile pedestal and height adjustable desk. The first step was removing all chairs from the location. Then, each desk was unplugged and carefully removed. Since the office was in Chicago, each workstation was hard wired for power. After having an electrician disconnect the stations, each junction box was carefully and safely removed. That just left the cubicles, which were taken apart and securely packed for removal from the site. Lastly, the site was cleaned and returned to its original broomswept condition.

“Fantastic work and possibly the best completed decommission site I’ve ever seen. Thank you for all the hard work!” – Retail Business Executive

MAC Relocations is proud to be Chicagoland’s Office Decommissioning Experts. By completing this job with professionalism and efficiency, MAC was able to exceed the customer’s expectations and complete the job on time and on budget.

Property Management Company

Geographic Market: Chicago, Illinois

Industry: Property Management

Budget: $45,000

Duration: 4 Months

Services: Furniture Removal, Commercial Storage, Reinstallation

A local property management company wanted options to disposition furniture assets in a space they were renovating for a client. They turned to MAC Relocations to help them to find cost-effective solutions and implement a strategy resulting in cost savings and furniture reuse. MAC was tasked to remove the office furnishings, temporarily store them and return them when the space was renovated.

MAC’s Relocation Consultant first met with the property manager to understand the scope of the project and compile an inventory of furniture items to be removed and stored. We then created an operational plan and budget to meet the project timeline. Once the project was awarded and the project was kicked-off, we disassembled and carefully packed all furniture items. Upon removal the assets were placed into secure storage at MAC’s 40,000 sq ft Chicago commercial storage facility.

Once the renovation was complete, MAC returned all the furniture to the facility. Working with the property manager’s team MAC staged and installed the furniture accordingly to the mast how er layout plan. Prior to returning the furniture, each item was thoroughly inspected and cleaned as an ancillary service provided by MAC. The project was completed on time and budget with no loss or damage to the client’s furniture. It ultimately saved the end user thousands of dollars by reusing its existing furniture and eliminated over 100 tons of material ending up in a landfill.

Haumiller, a customer of MAC Relocations, Chicago's trusted Office Movers

Haumiller Engineering

Geographic Market: Elgin, Illinois

Industry: Manufacturing

Budget: $30,000

Duration: 4 Months

Services: Decommissioning, Relocation, Installation

Haumiller Engineering, based in South Elgin, Illinois, builds custom high-speed automated assembly machines, testing machines, inspection machines and partnered with MAC Relocations to decommission, relocate and install furniture when it moved headquarters during the winter of 2017-18.

The installation was done in phases based on the delivery and lead times of the new furniture Haumiller had ordered. MAC Relocations installed Groupe Lacasse Nvision workstations and Quorum conference tables, Falcon height-adjustable tables, side tables and café tables from multiple brands, Groupe Lacasse seating and a Logiflex Inbox reception desk.

After the new furniture was installed, MAC Relocations relocated Haumiller’s warehouse assets and employee’s monitor arms, computers and personal items utilizing speed packs and Rentacrates for a seamless transition to their new space.

Haumiller’s employees were able to finish the week in the old location and start working immediately Monday morning at the new location with no issues.

Records Management & Storage Company

Geographic Market: Peoria, IL

Industry: Records Management

Budget: $150,000

Duration: 3 Weeks

Services: Warehouse Racking Procurement & Installation

A records management and storage company came to MAC Relocations needing design and installation for pallet racking for a 6,000 sq. ft. space in their warehouse.  The main objective for the client was to maximize the volume of box storage that was available.

The MAC Relocations team began by analyzing the space and developing a plan.  They determined that they could increase the capacity of the space to 50,000 cubic feet of billable storage volume in the area, which would be the maximum amount that would fit.  The client was impressed with this plan.

There were some other requirements the client had as well.  The racking layout had to adhere to all local ordinances.  This included allowing the necessary space under sprinkler heads, ensuring that all exits were unencumbered and easily accessible.

There were also some operational requirements for the project.  The MAC team worked with the customer to ensure they knew the size of all equipment they used for moving records and ensured that there was adequate aisle room for the equipment to get through.  They also had to get estimates for weight capacity and ensure the beams and uprights had a strong enough weight rating to work.

The Relocation Consultant sourced racking from multiple sources over the country to complete the project.  By focusing on reusing pre-owned racking, the client received an eco-friendly solution in addition to being cost-effective.

The installation project took place over the course of 3 weeks in sections as the space was needed.  All product was received in at the warehouse and inspected thoroughly.  The MAC Installers took extra care to ensure all parts were safely and securely put together.  The project was completed on-time and on-budget.

If you have an upcoming warehouse or industrial facility project that requires racking or shelving, give MAC Relocations a call.

Candy Controls

Geographic Market: Skokie, IL

Industry: Industrial Products

Budget: $10,000

Duration: 3 Days

Services: Warehouse Shelving Installation

Candy Controls came to MAC looking to increase the height of the shelving they have in their warehouse facility.  They had recently acquired a competitor in another state and were planning on moving their operations to Skokie, IL  Originally their plan was to move the shelving from the other facility to Illinois, but they decided to inquire about sourcing the shelving locally.

They currently had 4’H shelving and were needing that removed and replaced with 10’H shelving.  The MAC Relocations team visited the site and established that the footprint for the shelving would remain the same but would just need to be higher.

MAC was in contact with another client that was leaving their facility where production of written publications were printed and prepared for distribution.  They had metal shelving they longer had a use for and was prepared to have it taken away for scrap value after being dismantled.  The MAC Relocation Consultant on the project identified that this product would work at the Candy Control space and proposed the product to the client.

The fact that the product was pre-owned allowed MAC to make a very cost-efficient proposal.  The client was also impressed with the sustainable reuse of the project as Corporate Social Responsibility is a key tenant of their organization.  The client chose MAC.

MAC performed the decommissioning project of the shelving and stored it for four months while Candy Controls prepared the space.  When the time came, the MAC team removed the existing shelving and replaced with the new 10’H shelving.  The project was completed on-time and on-budget.

Responsible reuse of assets and landfill diversion is a core value of the team at MAC Relocations.  If you have an upcoming warehouse racking & shelving project, give us a call.

Backstop Solutions, a customer of MAC Relocations, Chicago's trusted Office Movers

Backstop Solutions

Geographic Market: Chicago, Illinois

Industry: Tech

Budget: $65,000

Duration: 1 Month

Services: Decommissioning, Installation

Backstop Solutions, a software company located in Chicago’s Willis Tower, partnered with MAC Relocations to install furniture as part of an office refresh project.

MAC Relocations decommissioned the office’s previous furniture and the products were recycled with the help of our recycling and reuse partners. With precision we removed each staff member’s computers, monitors, files and other personal items.

We then expertly installed 143 Enwork Solano height-adjustable desks and accompanying Humanscale and Encore seating and each staff members’ items so that when they returned to work they could hit the ground running in their newly refreshed office.

Siemens, a customer of MAC Relocations, Chicago's trusted Office Movers


Geographic Market: Deerfield, Illinois

Industry: Manufacturing

Budget: $55,000

Duration: 2 Months

Services: Decommissioning

Siemens, a multinational manufacturing conglomerate based in Germany, partnered with MAC Relocations to have an office for its healthcare diagnostics division decommissioned.

MAC Relocations handled the disassembly of all the office’s workstations, private offices and file cabinets. The product collected was recycled with the help of our recycling and reuse partners. Likewise we also cleaned out a large cafeteria space at the office and removed a lot of large kitchen appliances, which were also recycled with the help of our recycling and reuse partners.

When we were done the office was brought to broomswept condition so it was 100% ready for its new commercial tenant.

Varex, a customer of MAC Relocations, Chicago's trusted Office Movers

Varex Imaging

Geographic Market: Chicago, Illinois

Industry: Manufacturing

Budget: $35,000

Duration: 2 Months

Services: Relocation, Installation

Varex Imaging, a X-ray imaging component manufacturer based in Salt Lake City, Utah, partnered with MAC Relocations to relocate and install furniture from one office to another in Downers Grove, Illinois.

MAC Relocations disassembled and relocated workbenches, warehouse equipment as well as every employee’s computers and personal belongings with precision and care.

At the new office MAC Relocations installed 28 pre-owned Herman Miller Ethospace workstations including power poles to connect the workstations to the building power.

Varex Imaging’s employees were able to start without any hassles thanks to MAC’s hard and careful work.

Citizen M Hotel

Geographic Market: Chicago, Illinois

Industry: Hospitality

Budget: $25,000

Duration: 2 Weeks

Services:  Installation

When an international FF&E supplier needed to a team to help furnish the lounge, bar, cafe and outside areas for the new Citizen M Hotel opening in Downtown Chicago, they choose MAC Relocations to handle the installation of the furniture.

The customer, SER Group Worldwide LLC, reached out to MAC for a quote for a team to unpack, build, and place a large range of furniture pieces at the hotel. The MAC team was quick to react to the request, responding within a few hours and quickly assembling a team to do the work.

The customer was impressed with the quality of the response and the value proposition MAC offered. They choose MAC to complete the project.

Once the installation was scheduled with the customer, the MAC team carefully unloaded all of the furniture pieces on-site and staged them in the appropriate areas. They were then built and placed on the locations outlined by the customer. The MAC team also placed mattresses and mattress pads in 180 of the rooms at the hotel. Our on-site project manager ensured all phases of MAC’s support seamlessly integrated with the work being done by other teams. The project was completed on-time and on-budget.

The result was a beautiful new setup in the café, bar, and lounge areas of the hotel. Another successful MAC project!

If you have any furniture installation needs, give the MAC team a call and lets us handle all steps of the project for you!

MAC Relocations takes a strategic, customized approach to make sure our services fit the needs of our clients and insure a successful on-time and cost-efficient project.

Trust MAC Relocations with your next project.

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