Company Core Values

Corporate social responsibility is one of the pillars of how Wurkwel Ventures, the parent company of MAC Relocations, operates. It includes our core values, CSR Smart Partnerships and MAC’s dedication to charitable giving.

Mission Statement

We are a diverse team of dedicated professionals that treat each other like family. We are committed to excellence with the balanced purpose of achieving results while having fun!
We will reach greatness through an unwavering commitment to our customers, our community and our partners. One chair, one workspace, one project at a time.


Social Responsibility

The MAC Relocations CSR program is a platform for fostering our philanthropic activities and for cultivating Smart Partnerships with individuals, businesses, vendors, associations, and alliances who are similarly committed to making a difference in five key social sectors:

Charitable Giving

Along with its parent company Wurkwel Ventures, MAC Relocations has made charitable giving a core part of its corporate culture. Our philanthropic efforts support many important community organizations. In the past 12 months, we have donated to the following organizations:

Smart Partnerships

Smart Partnerships is MAC Relocations’s program for growing our network of individuals, businesses, vendors, associations and alliances who are committed to social responsibility and advocate for transformative outcomes in design/build sectors, sustainability initiatives, and opportunities for veterans.

Is your organization interested learning more about Smart Partnerships? Call 312.698.4448 or fill out this form and a business representative will respond.