Property Management Company

Geographic Market:

Schaumburg, Illinois
Industry: Property Management
Budget: $45,000
Duration: 4 months
Services: Furniture Removal, Commercial Storage, Reinstallation

A local property management company wanted options to disposition furniture assets in a space they were renovating for a client. They turned to MAC Relocations to help them to find cost-effective solutions and implement a strategy resulting in cost savings and furniture reuse. MAC was tasked to remove the office furnishings, temporarily store them and return them when the space was renovated.

MAC’s Relocation Consultant first met with the property manager to understand the scope of the project and compile an inventory of furniture items to be removed and stored. We then created an operational plan and budget to meet the project timeline. Once the project was awarded and the project was kicked-off, we disassembled and carefully packed all furniture items. Upon removal the assets were placed into secure storage at MAC’s 40,000 sq ft Chicago commercial storage facility.

Once the renovation was complete, MAC returned all the furniture to the facility. Working with the property manager’s team MAC staged and installed the furniture accordingly to the mast how er layout plan. Prior to returning the furniture, each item was thoroughly inspected and cleaned as an ancillary service provided by MAC. The project was completed on time and budget with no loss or damage to the client’s furniture. It ultimately saved the end user thousands of dollars by reusing its existing furniture and eliminated over 100 tons of material ending up in a landfill.