Citizen M Hotel

Geographic Market:

Chicago, Illinois
Industry: Hospitality
Budget: $25,000
Duration: 2 weeks
Services: Installation

When an international FF&E supplier needed to a team to help furnish the lounge, bar, cafe and outside areas for the new Citizen M Hotel opening in Downtown Chicago, they choose MAC Relocations to handle the installation of the furniture.

The customer, SER Group Worldwide LLC, reached out to MAC for a quote for a team to unpack, build, and place a large range of furniture pieces at the hotel. The MAC team was quick to react to the request, responding within a few hours and quickly assembling a team to do the work.

The customer was impressed with the quality of the response and the value proposition MAC offered. They choose MAC to complete the project.

Once the installation was scheduled with the customer, the MAC team carefully unloaded all of the furniture pieces on-site and staged them in the appropriate areas. They were then built and placed on the locations outlined by the customer. The MAC team also placed mattresses and mattress pads in 180 of the rooms at the hotel. Our on-site project manager ensured all phases of MAC’s support seamlessly integrated with the work being done by other teams. The project was completed on-time and on-budget.

The result was a beautiful new setup in the café, bar, and lounge areas of the hotel. Another successful MAC project!

If you have any furniture installation needs, give the MAC team a call and lets us handle all steps of the project for you!