Candy Controls

Geographic Market:

Skokie, Illinois
Industry:  Industrial Products
Budget: $10,000
Duration: 3 days
Services: Warehouse Shelving Installation

Candy Controls came to MAC looking to increase the height of the shelving they have in their warehouse facility.  They had recently acquired a competitor in another state and were planning on moving their operations to Skokie, IL  Originally their plan was to move the shelving from the other facility to Illinois, but they decided to inquire about sourcing the shelving locally.

They currently had 4’H shelving and were needing that removed and replaced with 10’H shelving.  The MAC Relocations team visited the site and established that the footprint for the shelving would remain the same but would just need to be higher.

MAC was in contact with another client that was leaving their facility where production of written publications were printed and prepared for distribution.  They had metal shelving they longer had a use for and was prepared to have it taken away for scrap value after being dismantled.  The MAC Relocation Consultant on the project identified that this product would work at the Candy Control space and proposed the product to the client.

The fact that the product was pre-owned allowed MAC to make a very cost-efficient proposal.  The client was also impressed with the sustainable reuse of the project as Corporate Social Responsibility is a key tenant of their organization.  The client chose MAC.

MAC performed the decommissioning project of the shelving and stored it for four months while Candy Controls prepared the space.  When the time came, the MAC team removed the existing shelving and replaced with the new 10’H shelving.  The project was completed on-time and on-budget.

Responsible reuse of assets and landfill diversion is a core value of the team at MAC Relocations.  If you have an upcoming warehouse racking & shelving project, give us a call.