Retail Business

Geographic Market:
Chicago, Illinois
Industry: Credit Retail
Budget: $30,000
Duration: 1 months
Services: Decommissioning, Installation

When a local retailer decided to move on from the temporary swing space, their first call was to MAC Relocations to facilitate the removal of all furniture and equipment from the space.

The office space was filled with over 100 workstation cubicles, each with a chair , mobile pedestal and height adjustable desk. The first step was removing all chairs from the location. Then, each desk was unplugged and carefully removed. Since the office was in Chicago, each workstation was hard wired for power. After having an electrician disconnect the stations, each junction box was carefully and safely removed. That just left the cubicles, which were taken apart and securely packed for removal from the site. Lastly, the site was cleaned and returned to its original broomswept condition.

“Fantastic work and possibly the best completed decommission site I’ve ever seen. Thank you for all the hard work!” – Retail Business Executive

MAC Relocations is proud to be Chicagoland’s Office Decommissioning Experts. By completing this job with professionalism and efficiency, MAC was able to exceed the customer’s expectations and complete the job on time and on budget.