Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

And our answers to them

How do I begin to plan my move?

Planning should be done well in advance and done in conjunction with an onsite estimate and an introduction to our process with our sales staff.  We’ll take the headache and stress out of the planning stages and determine a comprehensive, integrated solution for your moving, installation, and storage needs.

Why should I hire MAC Relocations?

Because we are not the average mover! We’ll create comprehensive, integrated solutions to your moving, installation, and storage needs.  From the most complex, large projects, to the most simple, small move, we’ll exceed your expectations from start to finish.

How much will the move cost?

The cost of your move is based on the scope of work. Simply put, the scope of work would be defined by your needs at the time of the appointment or meeting with our Consultant.

How can I save money with MAC?

Often times, savings can be accomplished by purging unwanted items such as paper goods and unwanted files, donating unused furniture to charitable organizations, and determining a space plan that is the proper footprint for your office.

Do you move plants?

We’ll move just about anything! But, since a plant is a living object, we cannot guarantee their survival, particularly in cold weather.

What do you NOT move?

We move anything but items that can potentially put lives in danger like combustible, flammable, and hazardous materials. However, we pride ourselves on moving high value, large, heavy, difficult items that others say “NO” to. Our experience is key!